DILOO Testimonial Video

Diloo is under the corporate name JSE SAC. We have worked hand in hand with Estudio Shaddai for 3 and a half years. We provide business communications tools, email marketing, mass text messaging platforms, mobile applications for chat, web contactability tools, and more. Our experience with Estudio Shaddai is very pleasant, the disposition and speed of its team, the knowledge they have concerning tax matters and order in the workplace gives us peace of mind to focus on the goals and essence of our company.

Interview of Diloo Director Eugenio La Rosa on his experience with services rendered by Estudio Shaddai SAC.

PCS Testimonial Video – Pacific Corporate Sustainability

PCS (Pacific Corporate Sustainability) We are a risk rating agency in Latin America. We provide services for corporate sustainability, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. We contacted Estudio Shaddai online and they have been providing us their services for 1 year. The consulting, tax, and accounting outsourcing services have been good, they handled with timeliness and accuracy our administrative management, it has become a necessary and important support for the achievement of PCS goals.

Interview of PCS General Manager César Terán on his experience with services rendered by Estudio Shaddai SAC.

Marticonsa SAC Testimonial Video

We have been operating in the construction industry for 12 years continuously. We have worked with Estudio Shaddai foro ver 5 years, in all this time they have proven to be a serious and responsible company. Thanks to the professionalism with which Studio Shaddai operates, their programming, implementation, expertise, and accuracy we feel confident and have peace of mind, this allows us to focus on our projects and concentrate on what we do, while Estudio Shaddai handles the economic, labor, tax, and financial aspects.

Interview of MARTICONSA Projects Manager Tito Solano on his experience with services rendered by Estudio Shaddai SAC.

BigBox Perú SAC Testimonial Video

Bigbox was created in Argentina 8 years ago, 2 years later in Uruguay and Chile, and in 2014 in Peru. In regards to accounting, we realized we could not manage it “in house” because of the responsibility and time sensitivity, after a review of more than 10 accounting studios, we finally determined to work with Estudio Shaddai with César at the head, 1 year has passed with their support in accounting, payroll, and AFP and we are very happy with the services they have provided. The trust we have in them is absolute because their work is professional, transparent, correct, responsible, giving relevant solutions and timely compliance. For this reason at BigBox we have completely disconnected ourselves from accounting affairs making Estudio Shaddai an essential part of the growth of our company.

Interview of BigBox Marketing Manager Francisco Garibaldi on his experience with services rendered by Estudio Shaddai SAC.

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