• Outsourcing Laboral

We use the JASOTEC payroll system. Its implementation has been designed and customized to provide Payroll Outsourcing services for the payroll needs of any business. It is a multi-industry software that allows us to automatically and simply serve businesses from a variety of economic activities by simply specifying the sector to which it belongs.

Among the main advantages of its automatic issuance feature, we have the wages and salaries payroll, along with its respective pay slips, semiannual bonuses calculations and CTS, social benefit payment calculation, 5th category rent certifications, special conditions contracts, staff evaluation statistics, AFPNET payroll generating, imports to Plame, accounting entry generation, along with other benefits that ensure that our outsourcing service has the utmost effectiveness and efficiency. We also take care of MINTRA contract signups and renewals.

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We offer the following services:

  • Monthly payroll preparation (employees).
  • Weekly wage bill preparation (workers).
  • Monthly submission of AFP NET single payment schedule.
  • Monthly submission of AFP NET schedule (electronically).
  • AFP NET payroll payments (online payments, via checking account linked to AFP).
  • Monthly preparation of PDT 601 PLAME – Electronic Payroll
  • Monthly record of Fees receipted in the PLAME – Electronic Payroll.
  • Submission and payment of the PDT 601 PLAME (online payment via checking account linked to SUNAT and/or drawdown BN funds).
  • Issuance and digital filing of monthly PDT 601 PLAME reports (R01, R02, R03, R04, R12 and R15 formats)
  • Recording of worker High and Lows through the SUNAT T-Register.
  • Recording of rightholder High and Lows through the SUNAT T-Register.
  • Electronic delivery of monthly pay slips – salaries.
  • Electronic delivery of weekly pay slips – wages.
  • Semiannual bonus and CTS calculation.
  • Permanent payroll services consulting privileges.
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