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Outsourcing Model

ESTUDIO SHADDAI S.A.C.  offers two forms of professional outsourcing for all their services (except for physical inventories); in our facilities or in the facilities of our clients.


Services will be provided in ESTUDIO CONTABLE SHADDAI facilities. Coordination will be made to receive or pick up income and expense vouchers within the first days of the month following the accrual period. These vouchers will be immediately entered into the accounting system for the consolidation, closing, and printing of the Sales and Purchases Report, along with tax determination and payment for submission through the PDT 621, 617, etc. Simultaneously, wages and salaries data will be exported to PLAME via the payroll system for submission and payment of tax through PDT 601. Prior to these statements and tax payments, all the incurred revenue and expense transactions are recorded in the accounting system. Finally, all other provisions and payments incurred in a monthly period are recorded for preparation of financial statements.

Consulting privileges for accounting, tax, payroll, and administrative finance are permanent and rendered via phone, email, skype, chat, web and/or in client facilities when needed.


ESTUDIO CONTABLE SHADDAI offers outsourcing services in the client’s facilities using the CONCAR accounting system preferably, or whichever the client owns and uses, upon evaluating its benefits and simplicity. The procedure for the execution of our services is identical to the procedure described in proposal 1. Consulting privileges are permanent as well.

Our commitment and responsibility is to train, implement and monitor the development of the tasks entrusted to the assigned professional, be it under our subordination and payroll costs, or by direct client assignation (under its subordination and payroll costs).In both cases, there will be a work team of specialized professionals of greater hierarchy, that will ensure performance and achievement of objectives.

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