• Pacto de Negocios

For national or foreign businesses initiating commercial activities and operations in Peru: located in country, subsidiaries, branch offices, joint-ventures, partnerships or other corporate models, constituted or in formation. As well as for ongoing businesses finding themselves in the process of growth and expansion, corporate reorganization, administrative reorganization, entering new markets, etc…

Our team is made of professionals specializing in business law, public and private business administration, and tax, finance and accounting management

Our consulting team offers the following services:

  • Legal diagnostic of the business
  • Constitutions for all types of corporation, starting with the constitution draft
  • Registration in public records – SUNARP
  • Support for current corporate account openings
  • Registration with Registro Único de Contribuyentes (RUC) – SUNAT
  • Opening of corporate books: principal and auxiliary
  • Support for microbusinesses and small businesses
  • Support for obtaining municipal operating license
  • Corporate registration with OSCE as goods and service provider for the Peruvian state
  • Corporate registration with OSCE as construction implementer for the Peruvian state
  • Registration with Indecopi: name, trademark, logo, slogan, etc…
  • Restructuring processes
  • Drafting of records and minutes for shareholder highs and lows, increase and decrease in capital, removal of general management and appointment of new management, redistribution of shares between partners, etc.
  • Drafting of various commercial contracts (simple or notarized).
  • Provisional legal representation (General Manager appointment).
  • Corporate transformations, fusions and splits.
  • Corporate dissolutions, liquidations and terminations.

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