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Administrative Finance

Timeliness and clarity of information is important in every business. If there are procedures, systems, and physical and digital filing structures in place, the work load will be lighter for everyone.

Fort the year 2016, ESSAC makes available a customized digital filing structure to our clients to easily and simply access documentation generated by the accounting, tax, payroll and administrative finance outsourcing services. This digital file is via web and stores data on a monthly basis, cumulative year after year.

The financial control of the business must be kept on a daily basis; therefore, it is necessary and vital that there exist at least one record where daily transactions of cash inflow and outflow regarding bank accounts are consolidated in a clear and specific language. This report is known as “Banking Book.” Every business should handle this book with great accuracy because it not only has a financial purpose but a tax one through the Banking Act and an accounting purpose as well, as it allows for true and accurate accounting records.

We offer the following services:

  • Creation and monthly maintenance of digital file via web.
  • Instructions regarding the overall physical filing organization.
  • Support and follow up regarding the development of Banking Books.
  • Support in organizing the “caja y bancos’/‘box and banks’ physical file.
  • Support in making the mobility expense spreadsheet with correct format.
  • Guidance for applying adequate petty cash replacement system
  • Support for petty cash accountability.
  • Permanent administrative finance consulting privilege.
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