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Our Accounting Outsourcing services are directed towards national and foreign businesses, natural or legal, classified as micro or small businesses as well as transnational companies of large magnitude.

Our commitment is to be an efficient, effective, and truthful accounting support to meet your business needs. Our team of professionals has ample expertise in organizing, recording, analyzing, and consolidating on the financial statement level the economic transactions that occur in your business.

We use the CONCAR accounting software which we have implemented as a network in our facilities and in our mobile equipment. We have proper authorized licensing and permanent support from our supplier. If a client uses another accounting software (with authorized licenses), we can adopt it after previous evaluation of its benefits and effectiveness.

Focus your efforts on the essence of your business, let us do the rest!

Our team offers the following services:

  • Monthly computerized bookkeeping record of the economic operations of the company—input of data to system.
  • Accounting analysis of balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • Monthly or quarterly preparation, analysis and submission of trial balance, issued by the system.
  • Monthly or quarterly preparation and submission of financial statements, issued by the system.
  • Quarterly or annual printing of Principle Accounting Books.
  • Annual analysis of balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • Annual preparation, analysis, and submission of General Balance and Profit and Loss Statement.
  • Preparation and submission of schedules and annual work sheet for the Annual Affidavit of Third Category Income Tax.
  • Financial Statements for banking entities and managerial reports.
  • Current application of accounting standards.
  • Permanent accounting consulting privileges.
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