Who We Are - Our History


We are a different, dynamic, efficient, and accurate alternative for the most demanding companies in the market today. Study Accounting Shaddai was founded in March of 2007 at the hand of its founder C.P.C. César Guillermo Cabezas Cuestas, Accountant committed to service, and a team of professionals and experts in the areas of accounting, tax, payroll and administrative finance.

Shaddai is a word of Hebrew origin; it is one of the first names with which God made himself known to man. El Shaddai means Almighty God, it is from that moment (Bible times) that the name of God is used by Jews and Christians all around the world and still today.

Estudio Shaddai is structured upon a solid foundation, being that it is his love and fear that drives us  towards the path of excellence, maintaining firm convictions of our faith and focusing our service to companies with determination, truthfulness and commitment.

For this reason, Estudio Shaddai S.A.C. follows the motto: “One Dream, One Standard, One Goal”. One Dream, because everything started with a vision. One Standard, because we are a human group of qualified professionals at the service of companies in the permanent search for the way to excellence.                           One Goal, because with hard work and commitment we have become an important part of our clients’ growth and development. Now we are a positioned company in the Peruvian market.

Our clients’ needs and our client growth, the current demands for new prospects and our new organizational structure have led us to expand our services in the following areas: Assessing and Consulting in Business Law, Administrative Finance Outsourcing, and Physical Inventories Outsourcing, Reconciliations and Valuations.

Estudio Shaddai has launched an expansion plan within the North American and Latin-American markets. Before the closing of this year (2016) we will be opening our accounting outsourcing services to businesses located in the United States and Chile as our first market expansions.

Our latest innovation makes us pioneers in providing our clients with a personalized, digital information web system, where our clients will find quick, current, and orderly reports generated monthly by Estudio Shaddai, a product of accounting, tax, payroll, and administrative finance outsourcing. This access has been available on our website since September of 2016, under the “CLIENTS” icon, Intranet Access, where they can log in with their username and password to download any document instantly. Similarly, logging in to our Intranet will give them access to our CHAT where they can ask any question for an immediate answer.


About what we believe and do

Our Principles

  • To love God above all things
  • To love others as oneself
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Objectivity and transparency
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Teamwork
  • Professional ethics
  • Vocation to serve

Nuestra Visión

A consulting company of prestige on the national and international level, known for its professionalism, its quality of service and its group of collaborators with excellent personal values, committed to the business and to its clients.

Nuestra Misión

Our mission is to serve others with professionalism, commitment and diligence—values  that drive us to excellence.

Nuestros Servicios

  • Business Law
  • Tax and Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Tax services
  • Payroll Services
  • Administrative Finance
  • Physical Inventories

Our Team

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